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Ultimate Battleground Airsoft and Paintball

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1 Bourne Rotary Circle South
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Mon-Fri By Appointment, Must be 10 Players or more
Sat-Sun 10:00am-6:00pm

If you’re not familiar with airsoft, it’s a recreation sport using realistic toy guns which fire small, plastic pellets. The guns are often metal and have the same look, weight, and feel as their authentic counterparts, but are virtually harmless when practiced with safety in mind. Many guns are able to shoot the pellets, fully automatic, at speeds over 400 fps!

Airsoft players can choose to come up with their own scenarios to play out, engage in simulated military experiences, participate in historical reenactment of famous wars or battles, and much more. The possibilities are practically endless, bound only by the imagination of the players. Ultimate Battleground Airsoft and Paintball was founded by airsoft players, for airsoft players.

Aside from an expansive array of battlefields to choose from, we also feature an amazing shop for our players to find whatever airsoft equipment they are looking for or need to get started, step up their game, or just have more fun. As airsoft enthusiasts ourselves, we strive to help you with any and every question or issue you may have regarding finding or using the equipment.

Whether you’re looking for AEG rifles, spring powered handguns and sniper rifles, or gas powered airsoft guns, we’ll help you to make the most of your game and start shooting. If you run out of ammo in the middle of the game, no need to call it a short day! Stop by, stock up, and get back to the battlefield! If your gun has problems, stop by. We have a full repair service to get it working again. After all, the game must go on.

Contact us today to see what we can do for your game. We’ve been serving the airsoft community in Bourne, MA since 2009 and hope to continue doing so for years to come.